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D.V. Groberg Family Cabin

4262 Luke Lane
Macks Inn , ID 83429

Cabin Information

The cabin is available for all descendants of DV and Jennie H. Groberg. To reserve the cabin please click here. You can also call DeAnn at the DVG Office (208) 522-3571 for scheduling or e-mail dvgroberg@hotmail.com. Please review the cabin rules and regulations posted on the website prior to making a reservation. Information about cost and the cabin rules will also be sent when a reservation is made.

Cabin Directions

  1. Start From Idaho Falls
  2. Head North on I-20 for 84 miles
  3. Turn right on Big Springs Loop
  4. Turn left on Cascade
  5. Turn left on Luke Lane , cabin is a few blocks down on the right

Cabin Policies

As the family continues to grow and expand, the demand for the cabin continues to increase. We want everyone to be able to enjoy and take advantage of the cabin and ask that everyone take care of it and make sure it is a place all of the family can enjoy and come together.

These are the current policies and reservation requirements. The calendar is on the family website at www.dvgroberg.com (or by clicking here) and the office phone number is 208-522-3571.

  1. Reservations for the main season (Memorial day through September) will open each year on April 1st. There is a maximum stay of 4 nights (exceptions can be made case by case). Check-in and check-out time on those days is between noon and 2 pm. You can make mutually agreeable arrangements with the families coming before and after you. Email or call the office and let us know who is coming, the dates you will be arriving and leaving. Example Reservation: Thursday March 12th, through Monday March 16th. Arrive Thursday around noon and leave Monday around noon. (4 nights, but will show 5 days on the calendar).
  2. Fees for each night are $25 for up to 10 people and $35 for more than 10 people. Presently, for these fees, the trust will furnish the following: Utilities, road snow removal, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, toilet paper, towels, bedding, dishes, pans, silverware, etc. If you see that any of these are low, let DeAnn or Tom Groberg know.
  3. Payment for reservations must be made or mailed within a week of making the reservation, or reservation will be canceled. Venmo (@Thomas-Groberg) or PayPal (dvgroberg@hotmail.com) are the quickest and easiest way to pay, but you can still mail a check to the office. (1605 S. Woodruff Ave. Idaho Falls, ID 83404)
  4. Cancelations for dates between Memorial Day and Labor Day must be made at least 2 weeks before dates for a refund.
  5. No Pets allowed at the cabin. Several family members are allergic to dogs and cats (also some of the furniture has been greatly damaged by pets), so we re-emphasize the policy of no pets at the cabin.
  6. Only adults (over 18) descendants of Delbert and Jennie can book and use the cabin. As family members you are free to invite others to come with you, but only if you are there with them for the entire time.
  7. No one is to leave anything at the cabin or take anything from the cabin without prior approval from the trustees.
  8. Mow the lawn when needed. Mower is in the shed. Do not turn off the clock or hose to the sprinklers. If you do, the lawn won't get watered. If you think there are watering issues, call Tom 801-674-8893.
  9. The main cabin is open year-round (winter times follow extra directions that will be emailed to you). From September to April, depending on weather, the bunk house and cottage will be closed. Call the office to find out if they are closed. Once closed, do not enter, do not try to turn on water or water heaters, this will cause damage.
  10. No activity is allowed which would not have been welcomed in Grandma and Grandpa Groberg's home in Idaho Falls.

We realize we go to the cabin primarily for relaxation and vacation. We also know that we value more that which we put some of ourselves into. In an effort to meet Delbert and Jennie's desires we ask for more family involvement to create a feeling of unity and appreciation. People have spent many hours over the years keeping the cabin up. We hope you will feel good about participating in doing some of the tasks that need to be done to keep the cabin in good shape.

Items such as major repairs, repainting, re-modeling, winterizing, taxes, utilities, etc. will be taken care of by the trust. However, we ask that each family be aware while at the cabin and if something at the cabin breaks, runs out, or burns out, please fix or replace it as if it were at your own home. Do not leave it for the next family to remedy. If it is something you cannot fix, call the office for instructions on what to do. Report all problems to the office after your visit via email or a phone call. Remember, this is not a hotel, there isn't anyone that comes after you to clean up.

We have recently added new furniture and several new amenities at the cabin, such as a new swing set and horse-shoe pitch on the south side of the cabin (outside the kitchen area). A new firepit and benches and a tent camping area (behind the sheds). Please be mindful of the furniture and beds. Do not use them as play areas.

If you have suggestions for additional projects or additions, please email the office. Don't hesitate to contact the trustees through DeAnn with any suggestions or thoughts you may have on how to accomplish Delbert and Jennies goals. We want everyone to feel a part of the cabin and the family history represented there.

Cabin committee: Thomas Groberg, Todd & Angie Groberg, Viki & Greg Bailey



  1. Re-finish wood cabinets in small bathroom under the stairs.
  2. Landing outside back door: lift up low corner, dig around cement block, lift, fill with smalls rocks and re-seat wooden post.
  3. Mark keys individually with plastic key markers (there are some markers and instructions in the key basket).
  4. Re-attach metal strip on bunkhouse screen door which is coming loose.
  5. Re-attach metal strip on cottage screen door.


  1. Install more shelves in laundry room.
  2. Figure out existing sprinkler pipes – do they work, where to use them, where to store them (They cannot be buried). Figure out how much lawn and where to put more if needed.
  3. Make a written inventory of any of the following (along with suggestions for use)
    • Shed 1
    • Shed 2
    • Garage
    • Bunkhouse
    • Honeymoon suite
    • Puzzles & Games
    • Books
    • Videos & DVD’s
    • Vacuums and mops
    • Dishes, Cups, Silverware, Pots, Pans & Kitchen Supplies
    • Blankets, pillows, sheets
    • Tools
  4. Label shelves where things are to be kept. A place for everything and everything in its place. Find places to store (and label) sheets, pillows etc. in each of the 5 sleeping areas.
  5. Re-do pots and planter areas around cabin. Trimming, taking out or putting in new plants, shrubs, flowers, etc.
  6. Clean up designated areas of property. We will divide the lots into smaller cleaning areas once we determine how we are going to use the new lot.
  7. Level out an area by the fire pit and move the heavy concrete slabs from the porch there to be used for chairs or wheelchairs.


  1. Re-paint outsides of buildings.
  2. Fix area of roof and gutters that need repair.
  3. Repair and paint walkway between Bunk house and Honeymoon suite.